Frequently Asked Questions

When is Registration?

Registration for the Season is currently October & November (subject to change). League play and practice for most divisions is from January through March.

When are Games and Practices?

T-Ball can expect participation either 2 or 3 times per week. Practices are held on a weekday after 4pm and games are on Saturday mornings, and/or once during the week.

All Other Baseball Divisions: Practices are generally after 4pm on a weekday. Games are usually during the week after 4pm or on Saturdays.

What equipment is needed?
Each player should have his/her own glove, baseball pants, an athletic cup for boys, and baseball cleats. Soccer cleats make an acceptable substitute but baseball cleats are recommended. No metal spikes are permitted. It is also recommended that each player have their own helmet and bat, although coaches do provide team helmets and bats for use. Player’s should come dressed to play, with a hat if possible. Team hats and jersey’s are included in the registration fee, however they are not provided until just before opening day.
How do I figure out my child's Little League Age?

Click here to view the Little League age calculator.

Can I request a teammate or coach?
You may request a teammate or coach for T-Ball and Coach Pitch. We will make every effort to accommodate player/family/coach requests; however, we cannot guarantee that any or all requests will be fulfilled.
What if I need financial assistance to cover the registration fees?

Thanks to our generous donors, Kihei Little League has scholarships available to cover registration fees as needed. For information, please contact us.

How do I know where to find the field that our game or practice is on?

How do I know where to find the field that our game or practice is on?

  • Teeball field- The T-Ball field is located behind the tennis courts. It is the field that backs directly up to the Ocean.
  • Rookies (Coach Pitch)- The Rookies field is located just south of the Kalama Park parking lot across from Starbucks. It is the closest field backing up to S.Kihei Road
  • Minors- The minors Field is located directly next to the Basketball Courts at Kalama Par
  • Majors Field- The Majors Field is directly across from Foodland. Turn into the parking lot at the stoplight entrance to the park
  • Juniors Field- The Juniors field is the full size field behind the majors and minor field. The outfield backs up directly to the Ocean.
Can I make a donation to the league?

Of course! Kihei Little League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and we appreciate (and rely on) your financial support. To make a donation, please contact us.